The Setting

For centuries, humans have argued whether or not complex lifeforms exist outside of the planet Earth and in the many corners of its Milky Way galaxy. They searched for clues, tracked unidentified flying objects (UFOs), and traveled into the vast areas of space... But little did they know, millions of light years away from the Solar System they safely lived in, they were undiscovered worlds some deemed a far distant or even insane reality.

That is where our story begins...

Welcome to the Craere System

Home of numerous planets, moons and animals, there are three main planets in its system: H’Trae, Earth’s lost twin that was abandoned by almost all of its humans years ago; Argeon, a world of strange realities that tickle the imagination; and Limiux, the world so different from our own that if you saw it it would be impossible to convince you that you weren’t somehow dreaming.

Animals dominated the various parts of this galaxy. For some creatures, humans never stepped foot on their wild planet and the concept of a "human" is as foreign and impossible as “a world without animals"; their planet was their own since its creation billions of years ago. While for others, they only reclaimed their dominance after H'Trae's Homo Sapien race left because it became "too hostile" to live in.

With the various lands of each planet, their moons, other worlds, and more waiting to be explored, a question remains… Now that you know the beginning, what does the next chapter hold for you? What adventures and creatures will you encounter as you trek through the unknown?

Quick Observations

Galaxy Name Idem Galaxy Sun System Name Craere System
Galaxy Section Animus Quadrant Distance From Us Millions of Light Years
Humans Existent; Rare Gravity Varies
Animals Existent Seasons Varies
Technology Varies Time/Space Rips Varies

Concerning Humans

While humans once held a strong presence in the Craere System, it is now considered a rare occurance to encounter a human. Manmade architecture and their different levels of technology still exist in varies parts of the galaxy, including the planet H'Trae and Argeon. More information about Human Encounters can be read in the Creation Guide.

Compared to the other main planets, the animals of H'Trae are more likely to have a past personal connection to humans because a few humans do remain on H'Trae, and occasionally those that successfully left the planet might briefly visit for one reason or another.

Technology & Language

The type of technology, e.g. weapons and armor or clothing, found in the galaxy varies from planet to planet, along with the type of animal civilization using the technology. Some animals use no technology at all, while others might use natural made tools, special ability created items, or even highly advanced creations.

This same variation is also found in the languages spoken around the different worlds. With some creatures only speaking through body language and simple noises, others using an archaic human-like vocabulary, or even more modern day forms of speech and colloqialisms. While different verbal and vocabulary styles are used, including languages themselves, a majority of the creatures speak the universal language known as "Common" which is a cousin to Earthern English.

Planetary Notes

Each main planet is different in their general concept, and information about that concept can be found below. Members are allowed to create sub-lands that deviate from the general concept, but those type of sub-lands should be limited and not be a majority of the playable areas in that planet. Any new planets or areas of the galaxy, including additional moons, stars and asteroid belts, will be located beyond the Qua'tar Belt. The only exception are member created moons for the planet Limiux.


Main Landscape Realistic
Seasons Realistic
Moons 1 (White)
Human Influence Heavy

The planet and its moon are similiar to the Solar System's Earth and moon; from gravity type to natural geography and human structures.

Human life used to flourish on here until a variety of natural and human-created disasters struck the planet over time and caused many humans to either perish or flee to other worlds.


Main Landscape Semi-Realistic
Seasons Usually Realistic
Moons 2 (Green / Purple)
Human Influence Low

Has 2 gaseous moons: Caeli Alpha (green) and Caeli Beta (purple). The concentrations of gas and its floating particles create an Earth-like gravity effect.

Humans briefly attempted to colonize a small section of the planet's moons, but failed and deemed the creatures too foreign to domesticate. Remnants of it can still be found.


Main Landscape Fantasy
Seasons Varies
Moons Numerous (Varies)
Human Influence None

One of largest planets in the Craere System. A majority of the lands are filled with abnormailites, including unique floral and space time laws.

Similiar the Solar System's Planet Jupiter, it has numerous moons that range from the size of the planet itself to Earthern sport stadiums.


Main Landscape Varies
Seasons Varies
Moons Varies
Human Influence Varies

Circling the three main planets and their moons is a wide cluster of asteriods, along with discarded manmade items, known as the Qua'Tar Belt.

Other lands in the galaxy differ planet to planet: from geography, previous contact with humans, to local weather and season types.