Terms of Agreement

By joining Square One, you agree to follow the rules below to maintain a safe, diverse, creative and organized roleplay community for you and its fellow members. You also agree to follow the policy agreements of Proboards and/or Discord by writing in those areas. If you have any questions, please refer to our Top Questions page.

Key Note: The staff of Square One reserves the right to add, remove and/or modify the rules listed below as needed, but the community will be notified in a timely manner any time that happens.

OOC Conduct

Be mature and respectful. Members are expected to proactively communicate, resolve and forgive one another should a conflict occur; contact staff for assistance if a mediator is needed. However, harassment, bullying, and discriminatory actions, i.e. remarks and behavior, isn't tolerated, and players who deliberately do this will be removed from the community.

Honor the personal preferences of others. This includes whether or not they wish to participate in different activities on and/or off the forum; e.g. plotting, roleplaying on Discord and casual chatting. Play however you feel most comfortable and happy with, but understand your style and the different styles of others are equally valid, and these gaming differences are to be respected.

We are writing fictional stories. Out of character (OOC) emotions should not affect in-character (IC) events, and vice-versa. Caring for and/or bonding with a character is fine, but if emotions can't be separated then we ask that you take a break to recollect your thoughts and remember this is a game.

Avoid plagiarism by citing sources. We expect all content, e.g. characters and images, posted on the forum to originate from you. If it does not, proper credit must be given, including receiving permission where required. Content that was stolen will be removed promptly. Information about how to report questionable content is in the Top Questions page.

Maintain the forum’s functionality. Please avoid using content with prolonged flashing lights to protect those with photosensitivity. Any content that negatively impacts others’ ability to use the site, e.g. damages the layout, will be removed.

Only advertise within designated areas. Posting links and/or referring to other sites for the purpose of gaining new members is only allowed on the Advertisements board; refer to the Advertisement Rules thread for additional details. We also prohibit using the forum and/or its Discord server to slander other online roleplay communities.

In Game Conduct

Respect the creative freedom of others. Anyone can make new aspects, e.g. religions and character groups and other mechanics, for the game, but it can't dominate or negate the creations of others.

Communicate and collaborate. If an in-character event might or is occurring that you do not feel comfortable with, please discuss it with those involved to find a solution. Powerplaying, metagamming, godmodding and retconning is allowed with permission from those directly affected by those actions.

All writing styles are allowed. There is no maximium/minimium word count or required writing format. We only ask any content in a language other than English be accompanied with an English translation, and that chat-text speak, e.g. “luv u, gtg, brb, 2 fomo”, isn’t used for in-character posts.

Create characters and threads within your limit. If you make too many threads and/or characters to comfortably keep up with, please pause from making new ones to focus on your current ones. You can also consider re-homing your least favorite characters by creating a thread in the Adoptables board.

Stay within the content rating. We allow moderate swearing and adult language, moderate violence, and limited sexual content, e.g. sexual references and innuendos. Anything above that is prohibited from occurring on the site.

Maintain a logical timeline. New threads can occur in the future, past or current time. No matter the thread's time setting, all in-character events must have a clear timeline or order for fellow members to understand. We recommend making a Character Tracker thread for others to reference, and/or adding notes in threads whose setting isn't current time.