Thank you for browsing Square One! Unsure of which page to browse first or which page has the specific information you're looking for? Not to worry! Below is a summary about each page group and their sub-pages linked in our guidebook for easy reference. If you have any questions about the content or how to use the site, please let a member of the community know.

Guide Index

Core: A collection of pages that are fundamental to understanding our community and how to play the game. All of these sub-pages should be read prior to making an account on Square One. Its sub-pages include...

About S1: Community's background information; i.e. its purpose, content rating and name origin.
The Rules: Our terms of agreement, including out of character (OOC) and in-character (IC) rules.
The Setting: Information about the game's universe, the main planets, general sub-land notes, and a summary about technology, languages and human encounters in the game.
Sign-Up Guide: How to join the community and use your accounts.
Creation Guide: Information about creating player characters, unique animals, group, sub-lands, religions and other game mechanics; including how non-player characters (NPCs) typically function in the game.
Top Question: Frequently asked questions and answers regarding Square One.

General: A collection of pages that aren't required reading, but might be useful to see. Its sub-pages include...

The Staff: Information about the staff team and how you can help S1.
The Credits: Detailed list of who helped create the site and what resources where used.
Guide Index: Brings you back to this page; a summary of each available page.

Boards: A collection of links to important forum boards that hold various game information or are useful to our roleplayers and visitors. Its sub-pages include...

Announcements: Important updates about S1 from staff. Check there monthly to stay informed.
Game Database: Browse or create game content for fellow community members to use.
Adoptables: Advertise and adopt wanted or available to claim characters.
Request Assistance: Request help with S1 or writing, art and coding related topics. Guests can write questions and/or suggestions in the main board. The sub-boards do not allow guest posting.