Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for exploring Square One! If you already browsed the other areas of the community and have questions, we invite you to review the list of common questions below. If after reviewing the information you still have questions, then please let the community know by posting on the Request Assistance forum board or asking for help through Square One's Discord server.

Guest Inquiries

Is there a minimium age requirement to join this community?
Per the policy agreements of Proboards, all members must be at least 13 years old to join. If you are under the age of 13, we cannot accept you right now, but you are more than welcome to come back once you're old enough. Accounts created by underage persons will be deleted without prior notice to enforce Children's Online Privacy Protection Act ("COPPA") regulations.

How does the site function if content isn't approved by staff prior to using?
We work as a community that functions on an honor system and that values the concepts of trust, flexibility and members collaborating. We expect all members to review already established content prior to creating anything new, to work together, and to kindly let others know if something newly made needs editing for an important reason; e.g. it directly contradicts an already existing and active creation on the site, or is an exact replica of someone else's active creation with no variation.

We believe a majority of roleplayers don't intend to break the rules, play unfairly, or roleplay solely to compete with others. Because of this, new content can be used immediately under the condition that the member understands it may need editing later and is willing to do so. Members who are not okay with this are asked not to create new content and to instead enjoy what's already available.

A member is using private content I created without my permission. What do I do?
We are sorry to hear that! The Square One community does not endorse creative theft, and we would like to help you resolve the matter. Please leave a message on either our Discord server's Support Request area or the Request Assistance forum board with the following information:

  • — Your first name and how to contact you
  • — What the item in question is and proof it is your own creation
  • — Where it is located on the site
  • — Your preferred solution (e.g. credit being added or the content removed)

General Inquiries

Can I create characters based on celebrities, movies, or books?
Yes, you are allowed to make content, be it characters or anything else, based on pop culture and/or franchises. We do recommend attaching a note with the creation, i.e. the thread or profile, about what it was inspired or based-on so other members know where to look if they want to find out more or be inspired by it as well.

Can my character from a different online animal roleplay game be used here?
Yes, you can use characters that originated from elsewhere. It's up to you whether it retains its backstory or joins with a completely a blank slate. However, any references to those foreign lands and inhabitants should only be for in-character purposes. Mentioning the name of the site, its link, and/or advertising it on the in-character (IC) boards is prohibited.

Is there a limit to have many group leaders I can have?
By default, there isn't! We're trusting you and the rest of the community to play fair and maturely, so you are allowed to have an unlimited number of leader ranked characters. Remember that leaders are usually more active than the group members and may be requested for a larger volume of threads, so do not lead more groups than you can actively maintain. We also encourage you to have more group member characters than leader characters, because a group with no members is hardly a group and there is more to roleplaying than leading a group.

Players who abuse the no limit system, e.g. trying to lead all the groups or using their leaders for an unfair advantage against others, will be limited to 1 leader character for a probationary period of at least 1 out of character year.

Can I roleplay only on the community's Discord server instead of on the boards?
You can! How you choose to roleplay with others is up to you, but, to ensure roleplays aren't being lost that might need to be referred to later, a copy of all Discord roleplays must be logged by either you or someone else on the Chat Roleplays sub-board (inside the Grand Archives board). All roleplays on the community's Discord server must remain within the PG-13 content rating.

You are welcome to roleplay through a different instant messenger service or e-mail if you wish. However, when posting a copy of the roleplay make sure not to include any sections that go above the required content rating. Instead, leave a brief note stating what happened during those excluded sections; e.g. "Character A and Character B had sex", "Character A had a lengthy swearing rampage", "Character A killed Character B slowly", etc.

What happens to my account(s) if I become inactive without warning?
The account(s) will still be here; waiting for you to play them again once you're able. We do ask you let the community know approximately how long you expect to be inactive and what that means for your characters so everyone is clear about how to handle the situation in-character, especially if you are involved in a lot of in-character events/plots.