What is Square One

An online writing community of the animal genre, we aim to provide a space that focuses on highly collaborative playing with minimal staff dependence and the freedom for everyone to create and write what they want how they want in an imaginative setting without limits.

What exactly does that mean? We’re talking about:

Adaptable in-character universe shaped by people like you: the community. Members are not only encouraged but are able to expand what’s known in the game. This includes creating sub-lands, different types of societies or character groups, in-character belief systems, and more.

All genres of animal roleplay are allowed. Whether it is realistic, full fantasy, or any and all the shades in between. Players choose what they want to create with no design restrictions. Animals can range from non-fiction to fictional species, including those uniquely designed by fellow members of the community.

Experiment and customize your experience with various game mechanics. How in-character aging, breeding, fighting, and world traveling works for your character is completely up to you. While we provide a general concept to refer to, you are welcome to do things entirely different and explore numerous game concepts in one place; including collaboarting with others to make new viable mechanics.

People of all writing backgrounds are welcome. No matter what writing style they favor and/or know, the amount of roleplay experience they may have, what their main language may be, and/or their level of availability… All may write here.

Staff are fellow members helping others; not directors. The only plot that exists are those made by the individual and collective stories of the community. There are no required site-wide events created by staff. Instead, staff are members like you, but who are volunteering extra time and attention to the community to ensure rules are followed and difficult questions are answered.

Minimal to no wait time. Players can immediately begin using their creations without prior approval from staff. With multiple planets, plus large continents in each one, and an universe so vast to explore, we're sure there's enough room for all ideas to fit.

Join us today! Who knows where it will take your characters. There's only one way to find out.


Language Sex Content Violence
2 2 2
Permitted with limitations. Permitted with limitations. Permitted with limitations.

All content on the forum should not exceed a PG-13 (Parental Guidance) rating. Excessive swearing, details of sex acts, and prolonged or detailed extreme violence is prohibited.

Those who want to write content higher than a PG-13 rating must do so privately off the forum, e.g. via Discord or e-mail, at their own discretion without sharing it later on the boards.

Name Origin

Square One (noun) : a starting point; the beginning.

Rather than build a site with lots of pre-made details and a staff established plot, we decided to do the opposite. Staff built the skeletal framework, but it is up to the community to add on the flesh.

The goal? Create an animal rolplay that is sandbox-style, simple to navigate, quick to join, and open to a wide range of audiences and their characters.

We gave you the blank page. What will you do with it? When at Square One, which path will you travel down first?